Rides and Pricing

Well priced horse rides in Victoria Australia.
Introductory river ride.

Introductory River Ride


Be showered by the excitement of your new experience and leave with a taste for more. Ideal for new riders and family outings.

2 hour country ride.

2 Hr Country Ride


Time to relax into the countryside and enjoy a canter to distant views. Perfect for beginners to experienced riders.

3 hour explorers ride.

3 Hr Explorers Ride


An all immersive experience with your horse and the country. Enjoy three hours of riding with more cantering and trotting opportunities along with beautiful views.

Horseback day rides.

Day Rides


Enjoy 6 hours on horseback through the surrounding bushland with a delicious lunch provided.

A group of men and women riding horseback.
Schools, Groups, Family and Friends or Special Occasions

All easily catered for. Contact us for pricing.

Minimum Age Requirements

Please note that we do have a minimum age requirement for our horse rides at Rubicon Valley Horse Riding. Participants must be at least 8 years of age for the Introductory River Ride. Participants must be at least 10 years of age for the 2 Hr Country Ride, the 3 Hr Explorers Ride and the Day Ride.

All ride prices include GST.